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Keeping people safe 2016/17

Solihull Council and our partners are committed to protecting the most vulnerable adults in our community from harm and abuse. We do this in a number of ways. 

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS)

The DoLS team is based in the Bluebell Centre in Chelmsley Wood. They provide a service to Solihull residents who may lack the capacity to consent to their care and treatment arrangements and who are placed in a residential or nursing home or hospital.

The team visit and assess people in these settings and in conjunction with a specially trained doctor; they will undertake the statutory assessments and ascertain if the person is being deprived of their liberty. If they are, a Best Interest Assessor will determine if this is in their best interests or not and set conditions if necessary.

The service is open to people who pay for their own care, those who are funded by Continuing Health Care funding, and people who have had their care organised by the Council.

In 2016/17 the DoLS team supported 806 people.

Useful gadgets

During 2016-17 we saw an increase in the number of people using Useful Gadgets – also known as assistive technology and telecare.

This is a range of equipment and services that help people to live independently based on a push-button, or automatic falls alarm, that links the person to a 24/7 monitoring service.  This ensures that the right type of response can be provided, whether that is from a family member popping around or urgent medical attention.

Almost 2,000 people use the Safe & Sound service, and a further 400 benefit from telecare in the borough. We have seen the continuation of the trend towards people using these services as a form of preventative, early support, in order to maintain their independence at home for longer.

Solihull Safeguarding Adults Board (SSAB)

Throughout 2016/17 the SSAB has made a difference to adults with care and support needs in a number of ways:

  • A new website was developed to provide easy access to information and material for the general public, adults with care and support needs, and professionals and practitioners.
  • Two conferences were held for all partners to raise awareness of the roles and responsibilities of agencies in the prevention of Financial Abuse and Sexual Abuse, and the need to work together to effectively combat abuse.
  • Targeted awareness work with the fire service, trading standards and others in Elmdon and Lyndon wards to improve safety.
  • A variety of information leaflets were developed as part of Making Safeguarding Personal so that adults are more involved in their safeguarding journey.

More information can be found here. (PDF)